Why Do I Need A Gluten Free Diet

Hear the good news from your doctor. Or perhaps you came to that conclusion on your own, perhaps after going through several stages and listing several symptoms. But this is the time of truth: start eating a gluten-free diet. The problem is that you do not know what you are doing. Does it reduce fat? Cut back on pizza and small fish. Low in sodium? Add salt. Gluten without gluten? Well … can you answer this question? This is how our family was when my husband started eating junk food.

What is this meal?

The first few weeks we went shopping when my husband got sick. Gluten – really? If it comes from my long joints, do I know it contains gluten? This list can be confusing because gluten comes from many different grains and produces a million so-called “same things as gluten.” It is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Bread stimulates protein production, which results in a flexible system. Oats do not use gluten-free technology, but they do grow and nourish wheat grains, as well as the risk of developing high viral infections. This oat is grown “clean” and processed in a remote area, using dedicated equipment, and inspected regularly to eliminate this threat.

I had no idea it could be eaten.

Place bread, pasta, cake, pizza, and a large flour bag on the shelf. That’s enough, right? Food has come a long way. Gluten can be found in barley flour (yes, look at almost any box of corn), “flavor” (bad at the end of many names), as well as whole grains (like some potatoes) or is a potato mixture). You know what I mean? It’s like looking at Wally in a book, unless Wally walks around and changes his shirt without being told.

Disease and many other problems it causes.

Have heard of “worship”? Eeh. For some people, gluten is actually poison. It should be avoided altogether. Otherwise, it causes negative symptoms. The effects on gluten and celiac disease may share similar symptoms. But based on current research, celiac disease provides only evidence of severe intestinal damage.


Inflammation is a good thing

Remember everything about eating? The reason for this is that gluten triggers an autoimmune response in the gut, which causes a lot of inflammation. The human body attacks itself when it is surrounded by gluten. This chronic disease causes obvious symptoms such as pain and discomfort. It begins to destroy the villi (small fingers similar to those turned on the right side) that make up all the food. In time, the swelling turns these drugs into ashes. They include diarrhea, malabsorption, death, fatigue, headaches, and symptoms of malnutrition.

Gluten-free diet: beneficial for health and well-being

The purpose of a gluten diet is to help your body recover and improve. Yes, getting started can confuse and confuse you. Yes, you can give up the food you eat (health and wellness). Yes, this can be explained from time to time so that people understand what you are saying. But with all of this, you get an expensive gift: a body you can wear and be happy with.

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