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Take a look at three upcoming iOS apps today: Volta Vol, NBA Jam, and Soccer Superstars 2011.


Time to kill zombies. Download this game for free and share real music. Scroll your phone to attract zombies and electrodes. In this way, the zombies will be killed. However, the situation is not permanent because the electrodes change position from time to time. Also, zombies look at your system and find out how to get out of it. So you have to use your brain to find other ways to kill them.

This game is different from all previous zombie games. You don’t have to worry about traditionalists because they are good. You cannot complain about the sound effects because the sound effects are not perfect. Fight zombies with your skills and get gifts. Sooner or later, you can upload icons online and tell the world how much art you have. This map is perfect for this type of game. If you like the game more, you should try this.

NBA Jam:

If you like basketball, this is a game to be had on iOS. Using EA Games, choose a team of 30 NBA games like you have never had before. This game story can also be unlocked with some players. But if you do not want to wait for them all to open, you can buy them anytime you want at the JAM store.

Tired of playing. It has 3 modes available. But you can play by choosing one or you can enjoy playing with your friends via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It has a great interface. Have have two control options like D-pad in the gym, you can choose the one you want. Go for a light. This game has great graphics, cool, awesome sound effects, and more features. But it costs $ 9.99. Get paid and get this game on your phone.

Football Star 2011:

This game has 6 different modes and it is really fun. This game includes 60 clubs, 3000 players in 79 countries, so you have a lot of games available and you can choose your favorite. The new version comes with updates as it includes title tags, kicks, etc.

You can also create and develop your own launcher. Your pitcher starts at the entry level. Play at different times, improve your skills, train and conquer intelligence to improve your bird and make it better. This game is addictive. Your player can be customized at any time, including changes to their name, body, etc.

Enjoy playing some of the most popular sports in the world. It costs a little, but what you get when you pay is a lot of fun. So pay $ 4.99 and get this game on your phone.

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