10 Free HIPAA training courses

HIPAA is an abbreviation for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and it is one of the most sought after sorts of preparing. The demonstration is a law that was passed in 1996 fully intent on ensuring a person’s by and by recognizable data in the medical services industry.

It’s critical that workers in the medical services industry know about the different parts of HIPAA, as neglecting to consent to them can prompt genuine fines. While looking for a HIPAA course, in any case, you don’t have to simply search for costly disconnected preparing. There are numerous online choices to look over.

1. EdApp

HIPAA Compliance Training course gives clients free preparing. It is facilitated at EdApp, which is an assistance that permits associations to handily make their own custom eLearning illustrations.

This course covers all the fundamental HIPAA consistence issues, like ensuring individual data, managing dangers and breaks, and utilizing best practices. The learning is supported with information checks and the course offers a declaration upon finishing.

One of greatest benefits of utilizing EdApp is that it utilizes the idea of Microlearning, which includes introducing materials in simple to-process lumps. This is an extraordinary way for occupied experts to hold the data they’ve learned, as they don’t become overpowered, and are likewise helped to remember things they’ve recently learned through normal surveys.

Another positive point worth focusing on with regards to EdApp is that it the eLearning examples look astounding on any gadget since they are responsive as a matter of course. That way, students can consider from any gadget they need, and the material will in any case look extraordinary.

2. Responsible HQ

A more open manual for HIPAA will be HIPAA Training – Intro to HIPAA, which is facilitated at Accountable HQ. They offer a free fundamental preparing module on their site. Getting more inside and out preparing, nonetheless, requires a month to month membership.

Their aide incorporates a progression of educational recordings and closures with a total test. Effectively finishing the test will compensate you with a printable endorsement. Moreover, they offer additional perusing content identified with different parts of HIPAA, despite the fact that it’s not incorporated into the learning module.

3. OSH Academy

The OSH Academy offers up another free online HIPAA instructional class called HIPAA Privacy Training. This is an efficient course with the entirety of its route and choices accessible consistently.

The OSH Academy course is in three separate modules, and every one incorporates mixed media content and tests. The principal module is an overall outline of HIPAA, the subsequent module is about close to home rights ensured under HIPAA, and the last module covers the obligations of medical care suppliers. Finishing the last, most important test will procure you a testament, in spite of the fact that it should be bought.

4. Compliancy Group

Some free preparing is additionally accessible from the Compliancy Group. The preparation, called HIPAA 101, is introduced primarily in one long video.

The preparation video covers various subjects including consistence, security, and hazard evaluation. It additionally examines the significance of complete consistence versus just halfway consistence. The free preparing incorporates a test, yet most other data requires mentioning it from the website’s web structure which requests an email and telephone number.

5. U.S. Branch of Health and Human Services

One of the most clear submits to visit in request to discover free HIPAA interior preparing is the authority site of the U.S. Division of Health and Human Services. Their webpage connects to a few PC based preparing modules which should be downloaded to get to.

It just so happens, be that as it may, these materials are not the most open. Getting the modules to work includes having Flash on your framework, which is a more seasoned innovation that is not very much upheld nowadays. The downloadable compress record incorporates numerous PDF documents, however, which can be helpful in the event that you definitely realize what you’re searching for and needn’t bother with the data introduced in a course design.

6. Medscape

Somewhere else to get free preparing from is Medscape. There are huge loads of online instructive exercises on their website. One that identifies with HIPAA is called An Individual’s Right to Access and Obtain Their Health Information Under HIPAA. Finishing preparing destinations on this site procures you credit, albeit a few exercises terminate sooner or later. Despite the fact that this action has terminated, it can in any case be finished for the instructive substance.

Exercises in Medscape incorporate tests, slides, and extra data. Utilizing the Medscape site requires enlistment. Completing an action that hasn’t terminated gives a client credits which can be utilized for different declarations.

7. ProTraining

The ProHIPAA instructional class at ProTraining is one more free approach to get HIPAA preparing. Albeit the preparation is free, the subsequent declaration must be bought to be perceived.

The course is a 35-minute video that incorporates information audits, a last test, and survey material. The educational plan covers all the fundamental HIPAA components, including covered substances, PHI, protection and security rules, and patients’ privileges.

8. Secure Now!

Another free online course is HIPAA Secure Now! You should join first prior to getting to the free instructional class.

This course takes from 60 to an hour and a half and spotlights on phishing and ransomware tricks. The free course incorporates 14 days of admittance to the preparation and consistence entryway, and is accessible for all individuals from your association.

9. HIPAAtrek

Somewhere else to get free HIPAA Training is from HIPAAtrek. They offer a progression of six recordings for nothing on different parts of HIPAA.

Their recordings incorporate themes, for example, discarding PHI, patient protection via web-based media, characterizing PHI, phishing essentials, BYOD, and savvy home gadgets. The recordings are not incorporated into any kind of eLearning framework, so there are no tests or evaluations. On the positive side, they do, be that as it may, consistently make new recordings.

10. AMA

Another free HIPAA course is The Nuts and Bolts of Achieving HIPAA Security Rule Compliance through Effective Risk Assessment, accessible from the AMA. This site requires enlistment prior to having the option to endeavor the exercises on the site. Like the Medscape site referenced above, clients can get credits for finishing exercises.

This short seminar on the AMA site incorporates a 10-minute sound show that is built up with a test toward the end. There are likewise numerous assets added for clients that wish to search out extra data. The credits got in the wake of finishing a movement are followed and can be combined with an authentication.

Why Online HIPAA Training?

Getting HIPAA preparing on the web enjoys numerous upper hands over going to disconnected instructional courses. A portion of these benefits include:

Helpful microlearning that finds a place with occupied plans for getting work done

Better information maintenance from calculations that utilization dispersed reiteration

Drawing in multisensory examples that keep students effectively taking an interest

With the significance of HIPAA preparing and the upsides of getting it online as a top priority, this article will investigate a portion of the free online HIPAA preparing alternatives that are accessible. Not all online HIPAA preparing is equivalent, notwithstanding, so think about the great and awful parts of the diverse preparing stages.


We have seen that there is a plenitude of free HIPAA preparing for medical care laborers out there on the Internet. A portion of the free HIPAA preparing materials are exceptionally short and serve essentially to sell another item. Then again, some free HIPAA preparing is more inside and out and keeps students drew in for quite a long time and surprisingly more, for example, with all the substance on Medscape and the AMA site.

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